Project Description

The 407 Transitway includes a grade-separated dedicated running way for transit vehicles, and stations strategically located within the project limits:

Station Names

  • (station names coming soon)

The 407 Transitway will be implemented initially as bus rapid transit (BRT) with the oppourtunity to convert to light rail transit (LRT) in the future.

Project Objectives


  • Enhance east-west cross-regional mobility >10 km

  • Offer a faster, safer and more efficient way of moving people

  • Maximize utilization of protected 407 ROW

  • Improve integration with regional transportation network

  • Ability to increase capacity to meet additional travel demand

Land Use

  • Improve accessibility to existing/planned major urban centres/nodes

  • Increase support for a more compact urban structure

Natural and Social Environment

  • Minimize adverse effects on the natural environment

  • Minimize adverse effects on the social environment

  • Reduce reliance on energy resources and reduce vehicle gas emissions


  • Increase cost-effectiveness of moving people in the corridor